• Welcome Back Tigers!
    I hope your summer was full of excitement and full of adventure.  Our teachers and staff have worked hard to get ready for the first day of school so I hope you are ready as well.  Below are the three goals that I have for the school this year.
    Tiger artwork
    Goals for 2017-18
    1.  Rigor with Support:  Our goal is to provide a high quality and engaging experience that prepares you for high school.  Our teachers also provide the support needed to help all students meet these goals.
    2.  Reading and Writing:  Reading comprehension skills separates the "passive" unskilled reader from the "active" readers. Skilled readers don't just read, they interact with the text.  Students express their understanding through the writing process.  Using AVID methodologies we will help all students be prepared for the rigor of MacArthur and high school.
    3.  Engagement:  A foundation of MacArthur is to engage students in the school with a wide range of activities.  We have countless activities including sports, rock climbing, geology, skateboarding, knitting, insects, and more!  We engage our students at MacArthur.
    I hope you have a great year.
    Spirit, Pride and Achievement
                                                                                                                                       Tiger artwork courtesy of Santiago Ojeda