6th & 8th Grade English Language Arts

  • Once Upon a Time there was a girl who loved to learn. She loved Music, Art, and Literature. She reveled in the magic of words. Her whole life all she ever wanted was to become a teacher. Someone who could share in the wonder that could be heard in discourse and discussion, seen through the eyes of an artist and read in the pages of a book.

    Welcome and thank you for joining me in my lifelong journey of the exploration of knowledge and understanding. I truly believe in the magic of words and the power that they hold for those who know how to use them and appreciate not only the significance of their past but also the impact that they can have on the future. Words share faith and love, build tension and suspense and create worlds beyond our wildest imagination.

    Sharing words - whether acted out, spoken, sung, drawn, written or read - is truly an adventure.



    All work will be posted in Canvas. Students are expected to log in every day for updates and information regarding both their work as well as the class.



    Academic support for students is available

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 1:05 - 2:25P


    Students may access Academic Support by utilizing the following Tools:

    • Canvas Chat - Chat is open during Office Hours and functions as a real time discussion forum visible to all students
    • Remind - Remind is an app that offers additional support individually both during and outside of Office Hours. (Please note: messages sent outside of Office Hours may not be answered immediately.)

            Students should utilize the Remind app for quick questions that can be answered with short replies.

            To sign up for Remind, follow the instructions found in Canvas.

    • SAUSD Email - Students may use their SAUSD assigned sausdlearns.net email address at any time. Please send these email messages to maria.vicario@sausdlearns.net(Please note: messages sent outside of Office Hours may not be answered immediately.)

            Students should use this email address to ask questions and express concerns that are longer and require a detailed response.

    Parents & Guardians

    Please use this email to address questions or concerns. Emails will be addressed during Office Hours. maria.vicario@sausd.us



    Below is a list of links that may be used by Students as well as Parents & Guardians to access Academic Resources and track Student Progress. Utilizing these on a consistent basis will help ensure Academic Success.

    Use Aeries to view and track Student Progress.

    • Aeries  

    Use Canvas to view Student's daily activities and assignments as well as track Students Progress.


    • Google Canvas  
    • PLEASE NOTE: Students must log into Google with their SAUSD email address in order to access Canvas.

          Once they have logged in, they must click on the App grid App Grid

          then scroll down to find the Canvas icon. canvas Button