• MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate

    Dear Parents or Guardians,


    Literacy continues to be a major emphasis at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School and student progress will be primarily measured by the Accelerated Reader program.  Therefore, we want students to continue to read over the 2023 Summer break and be ready to begin school with a successful Accelerated Reader test.  In order to meet this goal, students will be given a novel to read along with an activity to complete.  All MacArthur students will be tested on the Summer reading during the first month of school. 


    The following books are assigned to continuing and incoming students and will be provided by the school:

    • 6th Grade: A Kind of Spark by Elle McNicoll
    • 7th Grade: Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish by Pablo Cartaya
    • 8th Grade: The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle by Janet Fox


    To help aide with student comprehension, there are accompanying comprehension questions for students to complete.  


    With your help, students will successfully meet the Summer reading goal.  Since school will begin near the middle of August, please ensure students begin reading the novel no later than the last week of July.  For most grade-level readers, students will finish the book within two weeks, when reading about 30-45 minutes a day.  Of course, the amount of time necessary to complete the book will depend on the individual student.  Also, make sure students use the activity to help guide their understanding.


    Besides the Accelerated Reader test, the reading activities will be collected at the start of school by ELA teachers.  Individual teachers may include the assignment in the students’ first term grade, provide a reward for those who successfully completed the activity, or offer an incentive (e.g. a signature on the All-Star sheet).


    Of course, reading should not be limited to only the provided novels.  The more students read the more their literacy and language skills will improve.


    Thank you for your continued support of MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School.




    MacArthur ELA Department


    updated 5/19/23