1. Parent Meeting: We will have our 7th grade Parent Meeting on Tuesday, February 12th, at 6:00 p.m. in the PAR.
    2. If I want to help out on the day of the History Faire, what do I need to do? Due to updated district safety protocols, ALL persons who plan on attending the History Faire MUST enroll in our school's Raptor program. Bring a federally-issued photo ID to the front office by Friday, March 15th. On the day of the HF, you will receive a photo ID sticker to wear. There will be an opportunity to enroll in Raptor from 4–5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, February 12th, before the parent meeting (the meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the PAR).
    3. When is the History Faire? The History Faire is on Friday, March 22nd. It is a modified day.
    4. How many pop-ups and what size of pop-up do we need? Each kingdom should have ONE pop-up, no larger than 12'x12'. It is the parents' responsibility to provide one pop-up for their child's kingdom. Please do not bring larger pop-ups or multiple pop-ups as space is severely limited.
    5. Do we need to bring tables? Yes, you will need to bring folding tables for your kingdom's pavilion. You should have at least one large table for the food. You may want to bring chairs to sit on.
    6. What time do parents need to arrive to set up the kingdom's food pavilion? Parents may arrive before 7:30 or after 8:15 a.m. to set up. Keep in mind that the 6th and 8th graders are arriving at school so the parking lot will be very busy between 7:30 and 8 a.m.! 
    7. Can parents wear costumes? YES! You don't have to wear one but your child's kingdom will receive extra lucre credit if you do.
    8. How can we coordinate with other parents from our kingdom? Phone trees will be made at the parent meeting; the school cannot give out phone numbers. 
    9. What food do we need to bring? Check your child's history teacher's webpage and go to the Sign Up Genius.
    10. Will lunch be provided? Lunch is provided to STUDENTS, not to parents. There is often lots of food from the pavilions afterward.
    11. Do we need to decorate the pavilions? It is a lot of fun for the children to have a decorated food pavilion for their kingdom. Parents are in charge of all decorations, including making a banner indicating the kingdom's name. Check out the Pavilion page for some ideas. Please note that all decorations must be taken down when the faire is finished. Do not leave items in the park! 
    12. May other family members come, too? We ask that parents do not bring young children to the History Faire. Adult helpers are welcome and appreciated but will need to have enrolled in Raptor by March 15th. (see #2 above)
    13. Should we bring chairs to sit on? YES, parents should bring chairs to sit on.
    14. What's the weather like? Each March, the weather is  unpredictable. You may need to bring umbrellas, sunscreen, and hats!
    15. Where do we set up our pop-up? On the day of the History Faire, each kingdom is given a designated space in Lillie King Bowl. Please ask the coordinator on the day of the faire where you should set up your kingdom's pop-up and tables.
    16. What do I do when I arrive? All parents and adult helpers should sign in at the front office and pick up a Visitor's name tag.  Remember, you must be enrolled in Raptor in order to be able to come on campus. If you are simply dropping off items, you do not need to sign in. Take the items to Lillie King Park and place them in your child's kingdom's pavilion.
    17. Where can I park? The parking lot is packed, and the few designated visitors' spaces fill up quickly! Please park your car across the street at the church. Use the parking lot that is closest to Flower Street. Street parking is also available.  Parents who park in designated staff parking spots will be ticketed.
    18. Can I unload my car somewhere closer to the bowl? Yes! We DO have a zone for unloading ONLY. You may not park there, though. We have student helpers who can help you transport your 'stuff.'
    If you have other unanswered questions, please email your child's history teacher. Do NOT phone the school.