• fleur
    Do YOU have what it takes to be in the royal court? Check out the Oath of Fealty and think carefully…


    I do solemnly swear to uphold the laws of
    the Great MacArthur Empire at the History Faire
    and Tournament.  

    I pledge to treat my peers (noblemen) with
    politeness and respect.

    With pride and honor, I will serve and defend my kingdom
    in all History Faire competitions, jobs, and activities.

    The royal positions in each kingdom are listed below:

    • King and Queen

    • Prince and Princess

    • Lord and Lady

    • Knight and Dame

    • Jester

    • Archbishop

    • Royal Serf

    • Whipping Boy

    The qualifications for each royal court position are as follows:

    King & Queen

    1. Will represent their kingdom in the Mind Match competition, a Jeopardy-style game in the castle (study guide will be provided)

    2. Must attend lunch-time Round-Table meetings (or send  a representative)

    3. Must lead short class discussions on History Faire activities

    4. Encourage students in his/her kingdom to participate, collect all student forms

    5. Manage kingdom points (lucre)

    6. Participates in the knighting ceremony

    Prince & Princess

    1. Assists the King and Queen

    2. Replaces the King and Queen if they are unable to perform their duties

    3. Participates in contests when needed

    Lord & Lady

    1. Assists the King and Queen

    2. Volunteers to help earn points when needed

    3. Must work after-school to help prepare and set-up for the History Faire 

    Knight and Dame

    1. Participates in the knighting ceremony

    2. Collects and takes the lucre to the competition headquarters on the History Faire Day

    Court Jester

    1. Makes the kingdom pennant (flag) 

    2. Leads the kingdom to each activity

    3. Plays an instrument (bell, recorder, cymbals, tambourine, etc.)  as the kingdom parades

    4. Dances, entertains, and makes the kingdom show spirit


    1. Advises the kingdom on chivalry and other matters of great importance

    2. Participates in the reading of the questions during the Mind Match game

    Royal Serfs

    1. Must be at school early on the day of the History Faire to help oversee the food

    2. Will be in charge of the Royal Feast

    3. Decorates the food pavilion

    4. Helps to serve the kingdom food and makes sure the kingdom food area is cleaned up

    Whipping Boy

    1. Takes all scolding

    2. Takes all punishment