•  On the day of the History Faire each student is to come to school dressed up in Middle Age-appropriate regalia. The type of costume is ENTIRELY up to each student! This is an opportunity for students to get creative and do some research on the various countries and cultures of that period in history. What's fun is to design and come up with a costume from scratch...from materials and items at home! Here are some multi-cultural costume ideas. Multi-cultural Costume Pictures for History Faire

    archbishop and princess It is not necessary to go out and rent or buy a costume to wear at the History Faire. Many of the people during that period of time wore clothing similar to what we  currently consider to be our 'pajamas.' For example, the Celts wore plaids so if you have plaid pajamas, then wear the pajama pants, wrap some rope around the bottom of the legs, and wear a baggy shirt on top and you're done! Many of the people were peasants or serfs and these are the easiest costumes to make. Burlap or brown blankets can be cut and turned into a peasant costume. An old baggy shirt can be turned into a tunic—just cut off the collar. You can even take a pillowcase, cut a hole in the top and slits along the sides to make into a gorgeous knight or prince's tabard! Here, the Archbishop of France designed her own outfit from a sheet, origami, and some PVC pipe, and the princess made her floral circlet and dress.


    To make a simple knight's costume or even a prince's costume, all you need is a rectangular piece of fabric and your imagination! The same idea can be used to make an archbishop's costume or even a peasant's tunic. The design is called a tabard and depending upon how YOU embellish it is what makes the costume. Check out some of the ideas from Pinterest on making a costume. This page has a lot of great ideas for the guys!

    A great place to look for ready-made dresses and shirts/costumes is Goodwill and other thrift stores. People are always buying clothing and costumes, wearing them one time, then donating them. This is why Goodwill is such a great place to look! There is a Goodwill store on Fairview and 5th Street. There are a number of other thrift stores like the Salvation Army and CHOC (do a Google or Yahoo search). Check them out for bargains on princess/queen dresses. You can simply add a ribbon or some sequins to make your dress into something glamorous.

    costume castle If you feel that you must buy something, there are a few places that do sell costumes. The Costume Castle in Lake Forest (right off the 405 freeway at El Toro Road) is one store that carries a lot of merchandise. 

    In addition, ebay is a great place to purchase costumes inexpensively!

    The History Faire Committee highly recommends you assemble your own costume to save money. After all, this is a one-day event! 

    Here are a variety of different costume ideas!

    jester  knight knight and king archbishop

    queen, king, knight peasants gypsies jester2 archbishop king and queen2 king and queen costumes