• Advertisement Flyer

    We are going to create several 'parts' to create an advertising flyer for a product of your choice.

    1. Logo - use an icon, text, and a shape to create a simple black and white logo.  Use 'complimentary colors' to color your logo.  Color your logo a couple of different ways to see which you like best.  Keep in mind what colors represent and what feelings you want your company to project.
        logo 1    logo 2    logo 3    logo 4

    2. Images for background - You need two images and one text image for your background.  
       jumping 1     Jumping 2

    3. Background - Create a "repeating" background 300x300 pixels (directions).  Use two images (not your main product image, and not your logo).  First, we create the image on the left.  Next, we "fill" our flyer with the pattern so it looks like the middle one.  Then, we put a layer of white over it and lower the opacity like the one on the right.
      repeating background      background dark        background light

    4. Main image - First, you find a nice image (left).  Second, you separate your image from its background (middle).  Third, you add some effects or drop shadow, or your logo (right).
      before      after      after w/effects

    5. Text - you may use "Flamingtext.com" for your title.  For the rest of the text, just use Photoshop and include costs, phone #, 3 or 4 lines of information about your product

    6. Final Flyer - Size for flyer width = 8.5, height = 11 (normal paper size). 
      Your flyer should include all the items above

    7. Rubric - Go through rubric yourself first and then show me.
      Only print AFTER you have shown me your finished flyer
      Finished Flyer