In order to graduate from a high school in the Santa Ana Unified School District, students must pass 2 years of science.
    At Godinez Fundamental High School, we offer the following science courses
    (CP = College Preperatory, H = Honors, and AP = Advanced Placement).
         Biology (CP, H, and AP)
         Chemistry (CP, H, and AP)
         Physics (CP, and AP)
         Anatomy and Physiology (CP)
         Environmental Science (CP and AP)
    Advanced Placement classes are college level classes that are generally taken after the CP or Honors version of the class has been passed (AP Environmental Science and possibly AP Physics 1 being the exceptions.)  If students score a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP exam given at the end of the course, then they will receive college credit.  If you would like more information on the Advanced Placement program, click here.
    While at Godinez, a typical student may take
    9th grade - Biology
    10th grade - Chemistry or Physics
    11th grade - Chemistry, Physics, or Anatomy & Physiology, an AP class
            or may choose not to take a science class in the 11th grade
    12th grade - Physics, an Advanced Placement science class, Chemistry
            (if they did not already take it), Anatomy (if they did not already take it)
            or no science class in 12th grade.
    While at Godinez, a typical Honors student may take
    9th grade - Honors Biology
    10th grade - Honors Chemistry
    11th grade - Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Biology, or AP Chemistry
    12th grade - an Advanced Placement science class
    A-G Requirements 
    One of our goals as teachers is to prepare our students to be successful in 4 year colleges, like a California State University or  University of California.  In order to be eligible for admission to these universities, a student must satisfy what are known as the A through G requirements.  Students need to take at least 2 sciences from the above lists (at least 3 are recommended) and they must include one LIFE (biology, anatomy and physiology), and one PHYSICAL (chemistry, or physics) science.  Environmental science classes can count as EITHER a life or physical science class (but not as both!)  
    If you would like more information about the A-G requirements, please check out this link.
    We expect EVERY student to take a minimum of 3 years of science courses, and encourage EVERY student to take a minimum of 4 years of science courses.
    At Godinez High School, we follow certain guidelines set by the State of California, and the Santa Ana Unified School district in order to decide on the curriculum for each class. Although each teacher designs many of their own individual lessons and assessments, we all follow the same guidelines, and often collaborate with each other when planning. The links below will connect you with the State guidelines that we adhere to.
Last Modified on September 16, 2019