• Veterans Day

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    Celebrate Veterans Day:
    1. When was "the war to end all wars" over?
    2. How long did the war last?

    History of Veterans Day:
    3. What year did President Wilson proclaim the first "Armistice Day" (it was called that before Veterans day).
    4. What did congress pass legislation approving in 1921?
    5. When did President Eisenhower change the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day?

    The History of Veterans Day:
    6. What is the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day (the heading is in bold)?

    World War I :
    7. What are three of the names used for World War I?

    World War I:
    8. How many soldiers died in World War I?

    9. Which country lost the most soldiers?

    When was WW1:
    10. When was WW1 (from what year to what year?)