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    Name: Mr. Silva


    Subject(s): Biology

    Grade: 9th & 10th

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     Welcome to my web page! I have been a science instructor at the SAUSD for 26 years.  I have been a grizzly for 15 years now and am very excited to see students coming to Godinez with enthusiasm for exploring new Biology topics.  I am a graduate of Humboldt State University with a B.S. in Biology and Zoology. After graduation, I worked with the California Department of Fish and Game as a research biologist. Looking toward a future in education, I completed my teaching credential and an M.S. in education from National University in Costa Mesa.
    My love of the outdoors is what led to my interest in the natural world, so it is the interface between these two that I spend most of my time when not in the classroom. These interests include surfing, swimming, hiking, biking, fishing and generally anything outside.  I find nature relaxing, inspiring, and deeply humbling when observed, studied, and interacted with. I hope to open the eyes of my students in the classroom to enable them to appreciate the incredible design of the living world we interact with every day.   



Last Modified on October 9, 2023