Using Kami to write on PDF Documents

  • We are using Kami to write on a Portable Document Format documents (PDFs). This is basically a document that you cannot normally write on. While Google allows you to convert the PDF into a Google Doc, this will not transfer all the information and the text is shifted or changed in a way that might be confusing. For that reason, we are using the Kami App (in Chrome) with your Google Drive. Here are a few tips to help you in using Kami.

    Kami App

  • In your Google Drive, select the PDF you need to write on.

    Kami Select PDF      

    • Your screen should have a "Open with" selection at the top of the page.

     Kami Open With

    • Select "Annotate with Kami". You will be asked to make your own copy. IF YOU DO NOT SEE Kami, scroll down to the bottom of this page for help to get Kami.

    Annotate with Kami

    • Here are options available on Kami. We mostly "Highlight" and "Add Text".

    Kami Toolbar  Kami Example

    • Once you are done working on the page, it is important to "Save Now" so your annotation is saved on Google. TAKE THE TIME TO ORGANIZE YOUR DOCUMENT, "Move" it to a Google folder you can find easily when you want to turn things into Canvas. Select this link if you need help to Submit work from Google to Canvas.

    Kami Save Now

    • You might see this screen. Select "export" to "Google Drive". Select "With Annotations (PDF file)" or else you save the document as a blank page.

    Kami Export Options

    To get the Kami App while in Google Drive.

    • Select "Connect more Apps"

    Connect More Apps

    • Type "Kami" in the search. Select "Kami - PDF and Document Annotation"

    Kami search

    • Return to the instructions at the top of this page for more instructions on Kami.