The Resource Room



    The Godinez Resource Room

    Room 1-129

    What is the Resource Room?

    • The Resource Room is a special place at school that offers extra help and resources for students with learning disabilities.
    • It's designed to create a comfortable and inclusive environment for your student's learning.

    Who Benefits from the Resource Room?

    • If a student faces challenges in specific subjects or needs extra support, the Resource Room can help.
    • It's also ideal for students who prefer a quiet space for focused study or require assistance with organization and time management.

    Supportive Services

    • Personalized Learning: Students will receive individual instructional interventions to address their unique needs.
    • Collaborative Learning: Students can work with peers in small groups to tackle challenging assignments and projects.
    • Before School Tutoring: Help is available before school to clarify concepts and improve skills.
    • Organizational Assistance: Students can get help developing effective study habits and time management strategies.

    Resources Available

    • Quiet Study Area: A peaceful place for focused study.
    • Textbooks and Reference Materials: Additional resources to reinforce learning.
    • School Supplies: Extra binders, folders, composition books, and other supplies are available to students.
    • Educational Games: Fun and interactive ways for students to build connections with peers and reinforce lessons.

    Benefits for Your Student

    • Improved Academic Performance: The Resource Room helps provide the extra help students need to excel.
    • Enhanced Confidence: Students will build skills and knowledge in a supportive environment.
    • Better Organization: Students can learn strategies to stay on top of assignments.
    • Building Friendships and Support: Students can connect with peers who share the same interests and face similar challenges.



    Resource Room (1-129)


    Resource Room Teachers

    Period 1- Mr. Fedele

    Period 2- Mr. Fedele

    Period 3- Ms. Jacovides

    Period 4- Mr. Mazur

    Period 5- Mr. Mazur

    Period 6- Ms. Cruz