The Resource Room

  • Located in room 1-129, the resource room is a classroom that is available to all students who have an IEP and may need extra support throughout the day in their classes. In this classroom, students have full access to any accommodations, modifications, and services that may be on their IEP

    Depending on the student, the resource room provides the following services:

    • Individual and small group tutoring
    • Testing Services
    • Read Aloud
    • Use of Notes on tests
    • Extra copies of textbooks
    • Print Station
    • Extra Chromebooks
    • Extra Chromebook Chargers
    • Supplies (pencils, paper, notebooks, dividers)


    Students are encouraged to take advantage of all the resources that are available to them in our classroom



    Resource Room (1-129)


    Resource Room Teachers

    Period 1- Mr. Mazur

    Period 2- Mr. Mazur

    Period 3- Ms. DaSilva

    Period 4- Mr. Fedele

    Period 5- Mr. Fedele

    Period 6- Ms. Cruz