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    Name:  Regina Parga


    Background:I grew up in Santa Ana and Garden Grove.  My father's family has lived in Santa Ana since 1910 so I am related to many people in the city.  In fact, I have had a relative attend Godinez nearly every year since it has been opened!.  I just got married in September of 2019.  I have worked in education for about thirty years.  I worked as a teacher's aide in special education and am able to teach kindergarten through junior college English.  
    Schools I've attended: John Adam's Elementary
                                        Immaculate Heart of Mary
                                       Our Lady of Guadalupe
                                       Chapman University
                                       Cal State University at Long Beach
                                       Santa Ana College
                                       University of California at Irvine
                                       Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
                                       and currently Godinez Fundamental High School (Go Grizzlies!)
    Jobs You Would Never Guess I've Had:  Sandwich Maker
                                                                   Store Merchandiser
                                                                   Teacher's Aide
                                                                   Secretary (this was actually the worst for me)
                                                                   Referee (but only when it's necessary)
    Some Places I've Traveled: Oregon
                                              Washington D.C.
                                              New England States
                                             Most states along the Mississippi River
                                             England (one of my favorites besides bear country)
                                 Florida: I still love Harry Potter
    My Favorite Things:  Starbucks!!
                                    My nieces and nephew
                                    Books - I love reading!
                                    Star Students


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