• Course:   Economics

    (one semester course)

    Instructors:  Robert.Morgan@sausd.us


    Course Description:

    Students pursue a deeper understanding of the Economics principles of America.


    Course Objectives:  The students will be able to:

    • Analyze the fundamental principles that increase/decrease for supply and demand in our economy.

    • Investigate the basics of the stock market.

    • Analyze the online markets that are in place today.

    • Analyze credit cards and interest rates in order to have more responsible personal finance.

    • Job interviews and applications.


    Course Content:

    Unit 1 – Introduction to Economics

    Unit 2 – How Markets Work

    Unit 3 – Business and Labor

    Unit 4 – Money Banking and Finance

    Unit 5 – Measuring Economic Performance

    Unit 6 – Government and the Economy


    Course Core Values:  We are Champions of Character and will display them!

    • Respect

    • Responsibility

    • Integrity

    • Servant Leadership

    • Sportsmanship



    • Homework will be assigned regularly.

    • GFHS attendance, behavior, and dress    

           code policies will be enforced (see student handbook).

    Grading Policy: Grades will be calculated using the total points method:  Exams/Quizzes, Essays, Homework/Classwork/Projects from each grading period grade.  The semester final exam and/or the culminating final of the overall semester grade. 


Last Modified on August 21, 2023