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    Schedule for 2022-2023 School Year:

    Periods 1, 2, 4, 5, 6:   Environmental Science

                       Period 3:                      Conference                                      



    Sommer Schule in Deutsch
    Summer 2023 Irvine Valley College: Introduction to Environmental Science
    Summer 2022 Irvine Valley College: Meterology
    08 July - 03 August 2019 Universität Wien German Language Intensive Course
    Saddleback College 15 August 2018-16 May 2019 German 01 & 02

    Academic History: A.A. degree University of California at the Anaheim offramp (LAHC)

    B.S. degree Biological Sciences emphasis in evolution California State University Dominguez Hills

    M.S. degree Biological Sciences emphasis in Evolutionary Biology University of California Irvine




    University of California at the Wilmington Offramp Bachelor's of Science in Biological Sciences
     Master's Degree Biological Sciences 2015
    Goodbye, Ritz,,Riyadh, and Jackie:.
    We love you, and we miss you. :(
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