2024 SAUSD LitCon: Heroes, Hero's Journey, and The Hero with a Thousand Faces


    Wednesday, January 24 at 6 PM- Deadline to submit to the SAUSD Literary Arts Contest.


    For the question asking for your "English" teacher's name put the teacher or teachers who have inspired you to enter and/or have helped you revise or been a good sounding board for your piece. For example, if you worked with both your 10th and 11th grade teachers on this, feel free to include them both. If you worked with another teacher instead of an English teacher, share that name.



    Friday, February 9- District will announce the finalists. You will be alerted by a district representative if you are a finalist and will perform at LitCon and Boca de Oro. See the rubrics for scoring guidelines. 


    Wednesday, February 15 at 6 PMish- Literary Arts Contest for all finalists, most likely held at the SAUSD District Office. (Please only enter if you are able to attend LitCon and Boca do Oro if selected as a finalist).


    Saturday, March 2- Literary Arts Contest finalists perform at Boca de Oro.

    Please make sure the work is your own creation from your wonderful brain and is not from another song, poem, short story, essay, video, AI generator, book, movie, poster, photo, or anything other than your own creation. 


    District LitCon Website


    Please see Ms. Pruden in 1261 for a pep talk, for feedback, or for any advice. 



Last Modified on January 23, 2024