• Algebra 2 Course Grading Policies and Objective 

    Students will gain the experience with algebraic solutions of problems in various content areas, including the solution of systems of quadratic equations, logarithmic and exponential functions, the binomial theorem, and the complex number system . This course also prepares students with the foundational mathematics skills to learn and excel in college level math courses. 

    Here are the Chapters and topics we will cover this year:

    Semester 1:

    Chapter 1

    Appendix B

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Investigations and Functions  

    Exponential Functions 

    Transformations of Parent Graphs

    Equivalent Forms

    Semester 2: 

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 7

    Chapter 8

    Inverses and Logarithms

    3-D Graphing and Logarithms 

    Trigonometric Functions



    Course Requirements: 

    1. Regular attendance. The responsibility is yours to make up any work due to absences/tardies of any kind.  Come prepared every day with homework, charged chromebook, and all supplies. 
    1. Regular individual and group effort focused on math. If you are struggling, please seek assistance. You must fully participate in order to learn.  
    1. Precision and Neatness. Being accurate and neat is important in math. Working to the best of your ability is expected, and you must fully support your answer with clear work / explanations.


    Suggested Course Materials: 

    • Graph notebook (composition or spiral are acceptable)   
    • 1 red pen, pencil, and highlighter.
    • Computer fully charged and ready daily … will use the calculator and graphing tools along with the eBook on your computer daily. 




    25%  CW/Participation

    10%  HW

    Given daily.  Must be neat and show the original problem, all the steps to reaching the solution, and must be corrected daily using the keys and a red pen.  Special attention should be paid to any problems you got wrong, get help on them, and be sure to study these for the test.  Homework help can be found by using the links in your eBook along with help at tutoring. You will be graded on a 2 point rubric for your homework: 

    2pts - All problems attempted and up to 3 wrong answers.

    1pts - Missing one or two problems and more than 3 errors  or missing more than 3 


    0pt - minimal problems attempted. 

    **Late homework will only be accepted for excused absences within the same number of days as you missed class. 



    40%  Chapter Tests / Projects

    This is where you show how well you have learned the material.  You will be able to retake a chapter test after attending tutorials and completing a retake review assignment and may earn a maximum score of 85% on retakes.  


    15%  Team Tests / 


    These are designed to help you study/prepare for tests.   Quizzes will be given almost on a weekly basis so you know what you need help with before the Chapter test. 


      10%  Final


    Will be given the last week of the semester and may not be retaken.  You will be allowed to use your tool kits on this test.  


    Grading Scale: 

    90-100% -- A 80-89% -- B 70-79% --  C 60-69% --  D 59% or below – F 


    *** Grading Weights/ Scales Subject to change given directions from the district office. 



    Contact Information:

    Mrs. Chuang

    Email: lynn.chuang@sausdlearns.net

    Room: 2-103

    School phone number: 714-433-6673




    I read and  understand the course expectations and agree to abide by them. 


    Godinez Student: (print)_____________________________________________   ID#__________ Period: _____ 


    Student email: _____________________________________  Home phone number: _______________________


    Parent/ Guardian: (print)______________________________________________  


    Parent email: ______________________________________   Parent cell phone:__________________________ 


Last Modified on August 29, 2021