• Our QSA Members are quite talented!

    Here is a poem written by one of our members.


    Many colors many flags,

    With each flag brings a meaning, 

    With each color brings a explanation,


    You can see Red and Blue

    Purple and Yellow

    Orange and Green

    These colors apart mean nothing,

    But the flag they are on means something 


    This flag looks the same as the one above,

    All the colors are the same,

    This flag can also symbolize who boys love,

    They can love who they want to,

    Love is Love


    The next flag consists of more than 3 colors, 

    These colors would be different shade of the original,

    Pink, white, and orange,

    Woman can love who they want to,

    No one should tell them there not suppose to,


    This flag has three colors that mean different things,

    Blue stands for Boys,

    Pink is for Women,

    But what if you like both,

    That's what purple is for,


    Blue, Yellow, and Pink,

    I wonder what this could mean,

    You like someone for who they are,

    If you care about gender, 

    This flag isn't you


    Blue, Pink, and White, 

    What a glorious sight,

    You need a change,

    You don't feel right on the outside,

    Nothing is wrong with that, 

    People should accept this,


    Black, Yellow, Purple, and White,

    It's outright your choice,

    No one can you tell you different,

    You have your own place,

    We should all respect that,


    Pink, White, and Purple,

    Blue and Black as well,

    Feel free to change everyday,

    We support you through every step of the way

    As should everyone


    Black, Light Grey, White, and Green

    Whether you have a Gender or not, 

    We still support you,

    Be yourself! 




    Here is another poem written by one of our talented members!


    We bleed the same blood,
    Have the same literal systems,
    Yet you still discriminate against us, 
    Make us not equals. 
    Below the skin we look the same,
    Guess what, we are all human.
    Why does it matter who we love?
    Because Love is Love,
    No matter what.
    Why does it matter what skin color we have?
    Because we are still the same, below all of that.
    What does it matter, if we are he, she or they?
    We very well all survive the same way. 
    Inequality must stop now,
    But you leave us all wondering how,
    Because you think we are weird, freaks or different.
    But we are more human, then you are, and we will fight
    For our and others rights.