• Expectations for Distance Learning

    In the event that the campus is closed and learning must continue in an entirely digital setting, the expectations for Mr. Celestino's classes are as follows:


    • Check into Canvas every day.  Assignments will be loaded at the start of the week; however, activities may be updated or modified as necessary.  Additionally, students must respond to the feedback provided by the teacher.
    • Ask questions.  Distance learning requires a lot of independence on the student.  If you do not understand something, reach out and ask Mr. Celestino through email or Canvas conversations, classmates, or tutors that you may have.
    • Participate!  Whether it's a video conference, automated quiz, online discussion, or anything else, your role as a student is to participate.


    • Demonstrate respect.  Even though you’re not in a physical classroom, you still are a student in a class.  Whether it’s a comment in a discussion post, or something that is shared or shown in a video conference, always be respectful to your teacher, classmates, and your family.
    • Give an honest effort.   Some assignments or programs will not always function perfectly.  Mr. Celestino will understand but only when you have made an honest attempt to complete the assignment or communicate your difficulties before the due date. 


    • Track your progress.  Assignments in Canvas will be scored daily.  In most cases, you will have an opportunity to change or resubmit any assignment in Canvas before it enters Aeries at the end of the week.  Make sure you are checking the feedback and comments Mr. Celestino provides in order to earn credit.
    • Follow directions.  There may be a wide variety of tools and programs used in class, such as Reading Counts or Reading Plus for language arts, or eDesign for yearbook.  Make sure you have a clear understanding of the expectations and requirements for each assignment and tool that is used.