support for parents
    To help you and your teen with the transition to high school! Sources include:
    Your Teen's Teachers
    Talk to teachers about:
    • course objectives for the year
    • how you can help your teen with homework
    • tips on helping your teen stay organized and manage time


    Other School Staff
    You may want to talk with other staff members about ways to help your teen.
    The staff that may be helpful include:
    • administrators
    • counselors
    • higher education coordinator
    • coaches
    • club advisors


    Other Parents
    Consider asking other parents to help you support students during the transition
    from middle school to high school. For example, you could:
    • network with other parents for support and to exchange information
    • create a phone tree or e-mail list to notify other parents of school events


    Other Students
    If you now an older student, such as a neighbor, consider asking him or her:
    • for tips on easing the transition to high school
    • for suggestions regarding extracurricular activities or courses, for example
    • to check in with your teen and introduce him or her to other students



    Source:  Help Your Teen Make a Smooth Transition to High School
                   Channing Bete. South Deerfield, MA. 2009. Page 28.
Last Modified on August 20, 2019