• help with homework 
    Homework is part of the high school experience and Freshmen can anticipate having assignments most nights. The following suggestions can help to make completing homework easier and more enjoyable.
    Create a Good Study Space
    Your study space should be:
    • well lit
    • big enough to spread out books and papers
    • well organized
    • free of distractions (such as TV)


    Gather Supplies
    In addition to general school supplies, you may also need the following:
    • pens and pencils
    • a ruler
    • a calculator
    • a protractor
    • highlighter
    • a dictionary, a thesaurus and an atlas
    • scissors
    • tape
    • a stapler
    • a computer


    Make It a Habit
    You may find it easier to study each day if you stick to the same routine and are encouraged
    to follow these suggestions:
    • in the same place each day
    • around the same time each day (for example, after dinner)
    • based on your preferences (start with harder or easiest takes first)


    Get Help If Needed
    If you struggle with homework, consider getting assistance from:
    • Godinez tutoring program before or after school 
    • a relative or an older sibling
    • a private tutor
    • a homework helpline



    Source:  Help Your Teen Make a Smooth Transition to High School
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Last Modified on August 20, 2019