• My Boys Magnolia

    All about me...

    I have been teaching at MacArthur since 1998.  I teach Physical Education.  I have teaching credentials in both science and physical education and my master's degree in education.  

    I am the advisor to the Boardriding Club on campus, called Boardrider's Anonymous. We meet in the Fitness Room every Thursday at lunch. The club has been in existence since 1999, and has lasted through about six principals. We get sweatshirts or t-shirts made each year for club members and they are usually paid for through the profits from our club-sponsored dance. Anyone interested in joining the club should see me, and be prepared to name at least ten types of boards someone can ride. 

    I coach Cross Country after school during the first sports season. Anyone interested in learning to run faster or anyone who likes to run should join. We do outruns to yogurt, smoothies and Thornton Park. Sports at MacArthur may not last very much longer, so get involved while you can!


    My hobbies are obvious if you know me.  I live to surf and surf to live.  Not literally but I love riding waves.  I became a teacher because we get summers off, enabling me time to travel the world and surf exotic, perfect waves and explore different cultures.  My travels have taken me to Fiji, Western Samoa, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bali, Mexico, New Zealand and the Mentawai Islands so far.

    I also like to skate (mainly pools and vert), snowboard, sleep, and hang out with my wife and children.