Mr. Celestino

  • Hi Everybody!

    I'm Mr. Celestino, a 17-year veteran teacher at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School.  Currently, I teach eighth-grade language arts and journalism, as well as serving as the ELA Department Chair and PBIS coach.  

    Canvas Links:

    To access your Canvas class, please use the following links.

    Seminar: Tiger Connection
    Period 1: 8th Grade ELA H
    Period 2: 8th Grade ELA H
    Period 3: 8th Grade ELA S
    Period 4: 8th Grade Language Support
    Period 5: Journalism

    Where can I find the homework?

    Each week, all assignments are posted and updated in our class's Canvas course.  Students can access Canvas at any time, and parents can follow along, too!    

    For other programs, use my Class Links page here.

    Tutoring availability?

    YES!  I am consistently available for additional help on an as-needed basis, specifically setting aside Mondays and Fridays at lunch.  See Canvas for links and updates.

    Please review the Class Links, Expectations, Syllabus, and Grading Policies if you have any questions.

    I can be reached at:
       (714) 568-7700 (school)

portrait of Mr. Celestino