• Hello! I'm Miss Arriaga and this will be my second year teaching 8th grade U.S. history here at MacArthur. You can find me in Room 13! 

    History was always my favorite subject as a student and now I am lucky to share that passion as a teacher! I have a Bachelor's Degree in History and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 

    The 8th grade curriculum begins with the landscape of Indigenous America and shows how that changed as European colonizations started to form on the East Coast. Student will learn how these colonies eventually became the United States of America. Pioneers will push west toward the Pacific Ocean and tensions will threaten the country's unity leading us into the Civil War. 

    All work done by students will be completed on Canvas or on paper. Students will not have homework everyday; however, when homework is assigned it will be posted on Canvas and in the classroom. All grades are posted in Aeries and updated at least one per week. 

    Successful students will 

    1. Arrive prepared
    2. Demonstrate Respect
    3. Follow Directions

    I am available for tutoring:

    • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after school (2:30 - 3:30)
    • Tuesday and Thursday during lunch 

    I can be reached at:
    or via the ParentSquare App