• Assignment Log

    1.  Tissue Chart

    2.  3 Tissue Color Plates

    3.  3 Article Summaries- 2 from Newsela and the Japanese Diet

    4.  Tissue Type Microviewer Lab

    5.  TIssue Project- Due WEDNESDAY 10/9

    *Monday 9/30: Muscle Tissue- choose either Cardiac or Skeletal slide.  Artist picture on p.108.

    *Tuesday 10/1: Connective Tissue- choose one from the following: Fibrous (Dense) Connective tissue, Areolar (Loose) Connective Tissue or Hyaline Cartilage.

    *Thursday 10/3: Epithelial- choose one from the following: Simple Cubiodal, Simple Columnar, Pseudostratified.

    *Friday 10/4: Nervous- Use the book artist picture and the book slide pictue on page 109.

    *Monday 10/7: Introduction and Summary paragraphs: use the brace map I made for you to complete the Introduction and Summary.

    *Tuesday 10/8: Finish Coverpage and Table of Contents.      

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