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    Welcome to Mr. Koeler's Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Classes
    Biology is a college preparatory class fulfilling the life science laboratory A-G requirement.  Biology is a standards-based class preparing the student for the California Content Standards for Biology.  In the course of a year, we will study major topics covering biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, recombinant DNA, heredity and inheritance, ecology, evolution, human anatomy and physiology and cutting edge practices in biology.
    Anatomy and Physiology is also a college preparatory class fulfilling an elective requirement necessary for graduation.  This class provides the fundamental knowledge necessary to continue your exploration of the human body systems and how these body systems function together to provide homeostasis of the human body. A nutrition unit called Eat-Move-Win is also an integral part of this class, as the focus of that unit is enriching your lives through positive, meaningful and healthy lifestyle changes.
    About Me:
    Hi.  My name is James Koeler and I am a Life Sciences teacher here at Godinez Fundamental High School.  I teach Human Anatomy and Physiology with my fellow teachers, Mr. Silva and Mrs. Morgan.  I also teach Biology.  Coaching and playing volleyball are also two of my passions and I was the head coach for both boys' and girls' volleyball from 2007 until 2016.  The births of my 3 children, currently 7, 5 and 3 yr. old made my retirement only temporary, as now I can live my life-long dream and coach my own kids.  We do not have enough for a team, but we would make a great front row!  I am always here to help anyone with anything to do with volleyball, fishing and, of course, science.  I am originally from New York and moved out to California to pursue a career in the Biotechnology industry and did work in that industry for 5 years before deciding that teaching was the life-long career that I was destined to follow.  I enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming and surfing and playing just about any sport, and especially being able to call myself a TEACHER. 
    Thank you and I sincerely hope you have a great day. 
    Conftact Information:
    My conference period is Period 1 (8:30-9:30)
    My email is
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