Student Expectations 
    (1)    Be On Task
    •    Be on time for class.  This means in your seat when the bell rings and writing down your agenda followed by your warm-up activity
    •    Participate by completing classwork when it is assigned.
    •    Work quickly and quietly on individual assignments.  Work cooperatively on group assignments.
    •    Follow directions promptly and accurately.  
    (2)    Be Responsible

    •    Have all assignments completed on time.  Late Work will be accepted for 1/2 credit! 
    •    Plan ahead for restroom needs.  Once you arrive in class there will be no restroom passes.

    (3)    Be Respectful
    •    Avoid disruptive behavior: talking out of turn, tapping on the desk, throwing materials or any other behavior that distracts from classroom activities. 
    •    Raise a hand to speak.  Do not shout out answers unless the teacher asks you to do so. 
    •    Leave other people’s belongings alone.
    •    Report any marks or writing on your desk at the beginning of the period.  Failure to do this will result in student cleaning his/her desk, regardless of fault.

    (4)    Be Courteous
    •    Demonstrate courtesy towards fellow class members by using kind words.
    •    Speak nicely to one another.  No Put-Downs and No “Shut Up” please. Call each other by first name, NO NICKNAMES! 
    •    Food and drinks (besides water) are not allowed in the classroom.  Violation of this rule will result in a cleanup of the classroom.
    (5)    Be Appropriate
    •    Remember the classroom is an academic setting and topics of conversation, comments, and words should be professional in mature.
    •    Vulgar language is Never appropriate Violation of this rule will result in a referral.
    (6)    Be Cooperative
    •    Work cooperatively with group members.  This means not putting people down for their inadequacies, but being a leader and inspiring others to live up to their full potential.  Remember yelling at, putting down, or threatening group members is not a way to inspire them to work harder. When in groups everyone must participate in the assignment.

    Failure to comply with the above expectations will result in the following:
    (1)    First Warning: Verbal or inferred (eye contact, physical proximity, removal of disruptive materials). 

    (2)    Second Warning:  Teleparent phone call and 15-minute detention. Failure to show up will result in the doubling of each day you do not come. After an hour you will get a referral.
    (3)    Third Warning:  Office referral.  A phone call can occur at any time, but parents will be notified if an office referral is issued.  Students may also be asked to call home during school time.  This will help all of us to understand each other and the nature of the problem better.  A “progressive” referral may be used also – adding one piece of information to the referral until it is filled.  This is a deterrent for a student who must be reminded frequently.
Last Modified on September 16, 2019