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    Dear Parents and Students, 

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year.  As time progresses, I am sure we will all become more proficient and confident maneuvering our return from online education.  Please review the information below and discuss this together.  The best way to reach me is by the email above if you have any questions now or throughout the year. The 2021 Course Outline will be available to parents at Back to School Night.


    2021-2022 Online Course Expectations


    In order to facilitate learning and contribute to a positive learning environment, there are several expectations students need to keep in mind:


    1. Have materials ready for class daily. These include the following:  a charged, school-issued Chromebook; necessary book(s) and notes; pens (black/blue/red/highlighters) and paper; completed assigned homework.
    2. Be on time to class daily, which means being ready to work with materials out before the tardy bell.  If online, students will be able to access our Zoom or Google Meet meeting five minutes before the start of class in order to get ready and follow the warm up directions.  The lessons will start promptly.  Please note that students will wait in the waiting room during this time before the teacher accepts them into the virtual meeting.  
    3. Dress Code: See the school policy.  If working remotely, students should still be appropriately dressed for school.
    4. All students are expected to be courteous and respectful toward classmates and others (substitute teachers, guests, etc.) at all times.  Come to class with an open mind and a willingness to learn!


    Absences:  If absent, it is a student’s responsibility to contact the teacher and make up all work.  A student has as many days as he/she is absent plus one to turn in the work. If an extended absence is planned, prior arrangements should be made.  After 3 absences TARP (Targeted Attendance Re-Engagement Plan) will be administered by the teacher at level 1, the site at level 2, and the district at level 3.


    Academic Honesty:  Cheating, plagiarism or assisting in these actions will result in a zero for the assignment, parent notification, and an academic referral.


    Applications:  Our primary online tool will be all things Google.  However, we will also be using StudySync, Turnitin.com. , NoRedInk, Newsela, Canvas, and other online platforms.  Students must be responsible for remembering their passwords.


    Classwork and Homework:  Some classwork will be due at the end of the period (group work, quizzes, etc.) and others will be finished after class. Beyond the allotted class period, students will receive approximately 35 minutes of homework per night, a maximum of four nights per week. Homework includes writing, reading, practice, reviewing notes, and studying for tests or quizzes. Work is due by 7am the day of the next class.  

    Late work:  Missing assignments must be completed before they are submitted and will be worth half credit.  Students will submit work to the instructor during Office Hours.  Assignments will not be accepted after the fifth week of each 6-week grading period. Students are held responsible for keeping track of due dates. 


    Office Hours/Tutoring:  Conferences and tutoring are available during the times available on the school tutoring schedule.  During this time, emails will be answered and both in person and online conferences will be held.  Students will use this general meeting link for group tutoring or conferences during this time. 


    Tests and Quizzes: Essay and objective tests on literature and writing will be administered when appropriate, in addition to required standardized testing. Pop quizzes will be given at the teacher’s discretion and often cannot be taken late, but points can be earned back with extra credit.