• Format Notes  

       I.  Font

    A.     12”

    B.     Times New Roman

    C.     black ink


    II.  Margins

    A.     1” margins on all sides

    B.     put your last name and page number in the upper right hand corner of all pages

    C.     put your heading—your full name, teacher, class, and date---in the upper left corner of the first page

    D.     center your creative title:  it may include the lesson or point of your essay


    III.  Spacing

    A.     double space

    B.     indent the beginning of each paragraph five spaces


    IV.  Paragraphs

    A.     Introductory paragraph(s)

    1.  Narrative hook

    2.  Exposition

    a.       Title

    b.      Author

    c.       Genre

    d.      Summary

    3.  Thesis

    a.  controlling idea

    b.  list or summary of topics

           B.  Body paragraph(s) (see paragraph format notes)

                 1.  Assertion:  topic sentence (one topic per paragraph)

                 2.  Cite: supporting sentences—speaker, occasion, quote 

    3.  Explain: analysis

    4.  Significance: commentary

    1.      closing/transitional sentence

           C.  Closing paragraph(s)

                1.   summarize thesis creatively

    2.      closing reflection


    IV.  Edit

           A.  do not use forbidden words:

    3.      first person (I, you, we)

    4.      weak descriptives (good/bad, nice/mean, really/very/a lot/much, big/small, etc.)

    5.      weak verbs (am, is , was, were, etc.)

    6.      contractions or abbreviations

           B.  check for consistent verb tense

           C.  complete sentences

    D.     spell-check and grammar-check

    E.      correct punctuation

    F.      use MLA (or APA if directed) format