• Mr. Cheser was born January, 6th 1961 in Artesia, California. He was raised mainly in Anaheim and went to  school at Walter Elementary, Dale Junior High and then split time at Magnolia High (10th grade) and Canyon High school (11th, 12th grade) in Anaheim Hills. His favorite classes were science, art, drama, history and yearbook.

    Sports have always been a priority in Mr. Cheser's life. Beginning in third grade the lazy summers were spent body surfing at Huntington Beach; this was afforded by his mom who loved the ocean and would gather the Cheser clan three times a week and headed to the waves-n-sand. By the 7th grade body surfing gave way to a 6'7" baby swallowtail Infinity surfboard and a relationship with the surf for over 29 years! In junior high, he played Pop Warner football, and Little League. In high school football gave way to water polo and competitive swimming.

    Living in Southern California was a dream come true, surfing all year and hitting the local mountains during the winter to ski (snowboarding hadn't yet emerged). Family vacations spent on Lake Powell helped introducing water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, fishing, hiking and dirt bike riding in the desert! 

    Mr. Cheser continued his collegiate education at Fullerton Junior College graduating with an A.A. in Liberal Arts. He also played water polo, served in the A.S.B. and worked at Von's grocery store as a produce journeyman. He transferred to Cal State Fullerton, graduating with a degree in History. Following graduation he returned to finish a teaching credential and several years later finished his master's degree at Vanguard in educational and church leadership.

    However, the best parts of this brief bio have not been mentioned and that is the love of his life, his wife, Heidi. They met at Calvary Church, Santa Ana while in the church's college group and married. Mr. Cheser has three wonderful children, Summer, Corey and Amber. His wife is a teacher, too, but has taken time off to be a full-time "everything." (Go, moms!) 

    Mr. Cheser's teaching carrier began in 1991. He student-taught U.S. History and coached girls' varsity volleyball at Corona High School in Riverside. After a two-year stint at Corona, he left and was hired full-time at Mater Dei High School, again coaching girls' varsity volleyball and teaching World History. The Mater Dei Monarchs reached C.I.F. finals and after four years at Mater Dei, Mr. Cheser applied to teach at MacArthur in 2000. 
    While at MacArthur Mr. Cheser has taught 7th grade exploratory, 8th grade U.S. History, 6th grade Language Arts and 6th grade History. He also participated in running the A.S.B. for nine years and advising the Christian Club, Gardening Club, and American Heritage Club. He has coached girls and boys basketball for the last seven years and held clinics for volleyball. In addition Mr. Cheser has been a master teacher and help develop many of the school dances that continue today; Halloween dance carnival/ haunted house the Snow Dance.