• Some teachers have been at MacArthur for many years. For seven years I taught instrumental music at several elementary schools. If you attended Greenville or Muir you might have had me as a teacher in elementary. I also taught at Taft, Adams, Jackson, Garfield and Hoover a few years ago. One of the great things about being in Middle School is having my own room and staying at the same school all day!

    My journey as a music teacher actually began as a university teacher. I taught for quite a few years at several universities in the area. I gave flute lessons and taught a lot of different classes including "how to teach woodwind instruments" for student teachers, music history, music theory, and band.

    Did you ever wonder where your teachers grew up? 
    I was born in Santa Cruz, California. We lived about twenty minutes from the town. They sure had great beaches! I got to attend a brand new school for elementary. In fact, it was so new that it wasn't even finished. For the first few months it only had two classrooms! After middle school my family moved to Canada. At least they speak the same language. Did you watch the Olympics in Vancouver? We lived in North Vancouver.

    Where did I go to college?
    I lived at home and went to the University of British Columbia. How did I get back to California? I came to L.A. to go to USC. What degrees did I earn? I have a B.Mus, M.M., and D.M.A. plus the state teaching credential. Yes, that's a lot of years in college!