• Welcome to our School Counseling Program 



    MacArthur Fundamental School Counseling Vision Statement:

    The school counselors at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School believe in a future in which all of our students develop their unique talents and skills to pursue and achieve personal goals for success in college and career. Our students are able to adapt, advocate for self and others, and show respect and empathy for all in their communities and in interactions in the digital world. Through access to equitable opportunities, challenging learning environments, and strong accountability, all students practice responsibility, take pride in their accomplishments, and demonstrate healthy habits as they face challenges becoming productive citizens in an ever-changing 21st century workforce. Our students have a growth mindset and commit to being life-long learners.


    MacArthur Fundamental School Counseling Mission Statement:

    The mission of the School Counseling Program at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate is to engage and equip all students with well-rounded learning experiences to develop the skills necessary to achieve academic success, instill personal and social growth, and build a foundation of preparation for success in college and career. Guided by high expectations and accountability for all, our goal is to provide a data-driven, comprehensive school counseling program to ensure all students are prepared to complete high school and graduate with a post-secondary plan to pursue their life aspirations in order to make positive contributions and become productive citizens in a global society. 


    American School Counselor Association:

    The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) is a national organization that guides school counselor practices in education. Santa Ana Unified School District is in the process of aligning school counselor roles and responsibilities with the ASCA National Model. Click here to learn more about the association.

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