• The Enormous Turnip retold by Irene Yates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGw5yTOPTSQ

    Here is another version: https://youtu.be/hyBzrgyZIxc

    Comprehension Questions (for discussion):

    Who are the characters? 

    What problem is the main character facing? 

    How is the problem solved?

     How does the story end?

    Can you describe the setting of the story? 


    Letter and Sounds:

    Have Fun Teaching


    Use Flash Cards to review Letters and Sounds


    Sight Word Practice:

    Jack Hartman


    Write 3 to 5 new sight words you want to learn on flash cards and review the ones you know.

    Writing Topics:

    What do you think the story is trying to teach us?

    I think the story is trying to teach us __________.

    Or Write about whatever you think is interesting from the story.


    Research activity (for discussion):

    The Vegetable Song


    What is your favorite vegetable in the video?  What is a vegetable you have never heard of before?  Do you think you would try it?

    How is a turnip like a potato?

    https://kidstir.com › root-vegetables


    Art: Draw a Turnip


    The Enormous Turnip- hands on- activities: https://teachingwithchildrensbooks.com/the-enormous-turnip-activities/


    Count to 100 with the Kiboomers


    Count by 5s



    Dance and Sing:

    The Enormous Turnip Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVqGAhjryAU

    Seasons of the Year Song https://youtu.be/8ZjpI6fgYSY

    Blazer Fresh – Banana Banana Meatball https://youtu.be/fpD9kRyBn8o


    Science Experiment:

    Note: If this experiment about air pressure doesn’t excite you, search for any experiment or STEAM project (for Kinder) you think you will enjoy. 

    Question: Is it possible to poke a hole through a potato with a drinking straw?  

    Materials: Stiff plastic drinking straws a raw potato

    Hypothesis: I think that I can poke a hole through a potato with a straw – or – I do not think I can poke a hole through a potato with a drinking straw.


    Hold a plastic drinking straw by it sides (don’t cover the hole at the top) and try quickly stabbing through the potato. 

    Repeat the experiment with a new straw, but this time place your thumb over the top, covering the hole.

    Analyze your result: Think about what happened in both attempts.

    Conclusion: I can poke a hole through a potato with a straw – or – I can’t poke a hole through a potato with a drinking straw.

    Present: Send me a picture or a video and share with me how it went.








Last Modified on May 28, 2020