•  EMP

    Elementary Mentor Program - EMP
    Santiago’s Elementary Mentor Program provides elementary students with a supportive environment that allows a smooth adjustment from elementary to junior high, both academically and socially.  Intermediate leadership students are assigned to specific elementary classrooms and meet with their K-5 mentees on a weekly basis.

    Mentors are typically Associated Student Body (ASB) Leadership Commissioners, who assist lower-grade level students by sharing their knowledge of the core learning targets and their understanding of teacher approach to these targets.  Santiago’s Elementary Mentor Program is also an opportunity for students to demonstrate and practice leadership skills, while earning community service hours.

    Elementary teachers have access to exiting benefits, such as peer-academic tutoring and guidance, mentoring and social skills building for their students.  Santiago’s EMP is dedicated to make a student’s future bright.

    Teacher requests and agreements are required.

    ***EMP students are restricted from grading student work or sorting graded assignments