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    For those of you that are new to my class this year, I am Mrs. James.  I truly look forward to being your child's teacher whether virtually or in-person.  The bond between teacher and students can take a while in the classroom to establish and possibly even longer through virtual means, however, I know that we can help create a strong school connection for our students with your help.  Let's find ways of making this year meaningful for your child together.


    Parents, I know this is a challenge for you because at this age students require a lot of supervision for learning.  Kindergarteners cannot be given a schedule and left on their own to log on and off and do work in between by themselves.  My heart honestly goes out to all of you and the many different circumstances you are trying your best to manage.  Let's take this day by day and work to establish the routines that will help your child feel confident and capable with this learning model.  It takes at least two weeks in school to feel this way, so give your child and yourself this much time virtually.  I will be here for you after the school day ends if you need help.  


    For now, SAUSD will begin the 2020-2021 school year entirely through distance learning.  We will resume instruction on Aug. 17.  Beginning the week of the 10th, I will be reaching out to you to meet virtually with you and your child. Teachers are involved in numerous professional developments over those days, so you might not hear from me until Wednesday or Thursday. Please make sure that your phone numbers, email addresses, and address are current with the office.  


    I look forward to in-person instruction with my students when it is determined safe to do so by local and state health care agencies. 

    SAUSD will provide more detailed information about the plan to resume instruction virtually. Check the district website, www.sausd.us, social media, and email. 


    I am excited to begin in-person instruction with this class when it is determined safe to do so by local and state health care agencies.  


    We are going to make some "lemonade out of lemons" this year together.






Last Modified on October 5, 2022