• Pick and choose what you would like to do from our optional enrichment story and activities.  Let us know what you enjoy doing.


    Story of the Week: Ugly Duckling



    Comprehension Questions (for discussion):

    Who are the characters? 

    What problem is the main character facing? 

    How is the problem solved?

     How does the story end?

    What do the animals at the end show you about how they think?

    Can you describe the setting of the story? 


    Letter and Sounds:

    What Do the Letters Say? (What Does the Fox Say? Parody)



    Sight Word Practice:

    ELF Learning



    Writing Topics:

    Use any of the above questions, use the sentence frames below, or write about whatever you think is interesting from the story.

    You can also draw a picture of your favorite character and write a sentence telling why they are your favorite:

    My favorite character is __________ because __________.

    How would you feel if you were the duckling?  Why?

    If I were the ducking I would feel __________ because __________.


    Research activity (for discussion):

    This is to learn extra facts about swans.  I typed in Swan facts for Kindergarten and some helpful sites.

    Swans! Swan Facts for Kids (Video)


    Cool Kid Facts (Website)


    Easy Science for Kids (Website)



    Art: Draw a Swan (2 options)

    Robin Art School Swan


    Put a setting/background in your drawing. Put a setting/background in your drawing. 



    This is a counting concept video with the Numberblocks.



    Dance and Sing:

    Months of the Year Song https://youtu.be/5enDRrWyXaw

    Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Get Yo Body Movin



    STEAM Challenge: Science

    You will need empty plastic Easter Eggs, Playdough, a toy to balance on the egg tower.


    Ask: How can you make an egg tower that can balance a toy on it?

    Imagine: Think of how you are going to make your tower support a toy on top.

    Plan: Draw/sketch your idea.

    Create: Make it!

    Test: Test it and see it if you can balance the toy on top. 

    Redesign: If it did not work can you try again?  Why do you think it did not work?  If it did work, can you make it even taller?

    Present: Send me a picture or a video and share with me how it went.

    If this challenge doesn’t excite you, search for any experiment or STEAM project (for Kinder) with an egg that you think you will like.

Last Modified on April 20, 2020