• The story for this week is The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza.  Again, these are all enrichment activities. Enjoy! Don't forget to send me some pictures on Class Dojo.  I loved seeing The Little Red Riding Hood posts!

    The original story is called The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone. If you do not know the original version read along with this video first.


    Then you can watch The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza This is a modern twist on the classic tale.


    Comprehension Questions (for discussion):

    Are the characters the same in both stories? 

    What problem is the main character facing in both stories? 

    What does the Little Red Hen make in the first story? What does she make in the second story?

    How does the story end? What lesson do the animals learn in the story?

    Writing Topics:

    Draw a picture of your favorite character and write a sentence telling why they are your favorite:

    My favorite character is __________ because __________.

    If you were The Little Red Hen and no one helped you, what would you do?  Would you share the pizza?  Why?

    If I were the Little Red Hen I would/wouldn’t share the pizza because __________.

    If you were the Little Red Hen, what would you make to eat and why?

    If I were the Little Red Hen I would make a ______________ because ______________________.

Last Modified on March 30, 2020