• Jack and the Beanstalk

    Storytime: Enjoy these different versions of the story




    Comprehension Questions (for discussion):                                   

    Who are the characters in the story?                                              

    Why did Jack sell the family cow?                                                  

    Why did Jack steal the Golden Harp?                                            

    At the end of the story, how did Jack and his mother feel? 


    Letter and Sounds: /Xx/ https://youtu.be/rS_4sHM3v0Q

    /Yy/ https://youtu.be/8XTJOv-BZq0   


    Sight Word Practice: review of most sight words, make, little & big






    Writing: Tell me about the main character, Jack. 

    Jack is _______________.  Jack has __________________. Jack can _________________. 


    Art: How to draw a plant: https://youtu.be/_J_9aZ75vM8 

    How to draw a boy-https://youtu.be/5a7anGhsRQM 

    How to draw a cow- https://youtu.be/ezegUT9U6fM  


    Crafts: Fun craft ideas for Jack and the Beanstalk: https://www.dltk-teach.com/rhymes/beanstalk/index.htm


    Math: Work on Splash Math, iknowit, or happy numbers              

    Miss Molly opposites: https://youtu.be/heml7RceNGA

    Miss Molly shapes: https://youtu.be/wuzHsww5rBU


    Dance and Sing: GoNoodle dance party: https://youtu.be/KhfkYzUwYFk

    Super Simple Songs: https://youtu.be/9XQSFLMpn_c

    How’s the weather: https://youtu.be/rD6FRDd9Hew                    

    Miss Molly https://youtu.be/lbtoWLb2pFo

    Research Activity: Learn about beanstalks:

    • What do people use them for?
    • How do they grow?
    • How do they compare to other plants?

    Jack and the Beanstalk STEAM Challenge 

    Jack would like to visit the enchanted land of the Giants again, but does not have any more magic beans! 

    Ask: Can you help him design his own TALL beanstalk that will reach the land of the Giants?                                                            

    Imagine: Think about the materials you already have at your house to construct a beanstalk. (some ideas-toothpicks or spaghetti noodles, packing peanuts or marshmallows etc.)                    

    Plan: Draw your design of your beanstalk.                            

    Create: Construct your beanstalk.                                                  

    Test: Your beanstalk must stay standing for 5 seconds and not tip over. How tall is your beanstalk?                                                   

    Present: Send me a picture or a video and share with me how it went. 



Last Modified on May 28, 2020