Here are some activities to work on at home. These are all for the purpose of enrichment. The goal is to try and complete between 4-6 activities per day to keep our brains growing:) 4 activities from Column A and then 2 from either column B or C. Feel free to do more if you are up for a challenge:) Also, continue reading every day!

  • (A)Paper and Pencil Activities

    (B) Online Choices

    (C) Games/hands On Activities

    Phonics (can also be district package) (1 page)

    15 min on Lexia


    School at Home Activities Packet

    (1 activity)

    Math (can also be district package) (1 page)

    15 min of ST Math


    Very Frist Reading Comprehension Games

    (1 game)

    Read Sight Word Sentences (1 page) Color 1 star every time you read the page.

    15 min of an art lesson

    (Arts for Kids Hub)

    Play a gameboard with your family

    Letter Writing Practice

    Name writing practice

    15 min of National Geographics


    Go Noodle (dance or sing)

    Journal Writing – Draw a picture or write a sentence about your day.

    15 minutes of Mystery Science


Last Modified on May 4, 2020