• Math: This is just a fun addition and subtraction practice video.  The kids might enjoy it.


    Dance and Sing:


    STEAM Challenge:

    Can you help Little Red Riding Hood go down the zipline quickly and avoid the wolf in the woods?

    -Your zip line should be about 10 feet long. (That is the distance from Little Red Riding Hood’s house to Granny’s House.)

    -In your basket you need to put Little Red Riding Hood’s weight, so add about 5 pennies to your cup.

    -You can use anything you have at home to help you complete this challenge. (a Dixie cup, or any small cup, can serve as your basket).

    Engineering Process

    Ask: How can you make Little Red’s basket speed safely down the zipline to Granny’s house? Can you make it down to Granny’s in 10 seconds? How about 5 seconds?

    Imagine: Think of what you can use to help her basket go faster (for example: type of string being used for zipline, weight in basket, size of basket, slope of zipline (difference between the height of Red’s house and her Granny’s house). Do some research and see how ziplines work.

    Plan: Draw/sketch what your zipline will look like and what materials you will use.

    Create: Make it!

    Test: Test it and see it if you can make it to Granny’s in 10 seconds, then try 5 seconds.

    Redesign: If it did not work can you try again? Why do you think it did not work? If it did work, can you make it even faster?

    Present: Send me a picture or a video and share with me how it went.


Last Modified on March 24, 2020