• Godinez Fundamental High School Syllabus for Physical Education

    Physical Education at GFHS addresses rhythms/dance, individual/dual, team activities, effects of physical activity upon dynamic health, and the mechanics of body movement. In this course students develop proficiency in their movement skills, expand their capabilities for independent learning, and examine practices that allow sound decision making to enhance successful participation in movement activities. Students are provided with opportunities to improve their health-related physical fitness as well as to understand advanced concepts related to physical fitness and physical activity. Students learn how to achieve physical fitness and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle throughout their lifetime. This course also provides an opportune setting for adolescents to learn appropriate social interaction skills.

    Course Objectives

    Through the medium of exercise and movement, all students will participate in a sequential, differentiated program that fosters each student's personal health, fitness and safety. Students will gain: an appreciation and understanding of the value of physical education and its relationship to a healthy, balanced lifestyle; an interest in the promotion of health and fitness; the motivation to participate fully in all aspects of physical education and work toward the attainment of optimal levels of physical fitness; effective communication strategies (verbal, non-verbal and written); the skills of understanding necessary to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities; the ability to reflect critically on all aspects of physical activity including that of being a critical performer; an understanding of international perspectives on physical activity, sport, and health education; AND a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of physical activities as a participant.

    California High School Model Content Standards

    Overarching Standard 1: Students demonstrate knowledge of and competency in motor skills, movement patterns and strategies needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

    Overarching Standard 2: Students achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principles and strategies.

    Overarching Standard 3: Students demonstrate knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activity.


    Physical Fitness Testing (FITNESSGRAM)

    The primary goal of the FITNESSGRAM battery of tests is to assist students in establishing lifelong habits of regular physical activity. The FITNESSGRAM is conducted in April. Students will be pre-tested in September to establish baseline fitness levels and set personal goals. The FITNESSGRAM tests six (6) main fitness areas that represent five (5) components of fitness: Aerobic Capacity, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition. SRHS Physical Education students will have their first opportunity to achieve five (5) out of six (6) Healthy Fitness Zones in Grade 9.

    The six FITNESSGRAM required test areas are:
1. Aerobic Capacity (PACER, One-Mile Run, or Walk Test)
2. Abdominal Strength and Endurance (Curl-Ups)
3. Trunk Extensor Strength and Flexibility (Trunk Lift)
4. Upper Body Strength (Push-Ups, Modified Pull-Ups, Flexed Arm Hang)
5. Flexibility (Back-Saver Sit and Reach, Shoulder Stretch)
6. Body Composition (Body Mass Index [height and weight], Percent Body Fat, Bioelectric Impedance Analysis)


    The academic and citizenship grade is determined on the degree to which each student meets or exceeds the three overarching California Model Content Standards and by following class rules, arriving on time, wearing acceptable athletic/PE clothing, exhibiting a willingness to learn, participating in class activities, and demonstrating courteous/respectful behavior.
Grade guidelines also include:


    • Unit Fitness/Knowledge test/quiz/end of course exam

    o Weekly Timed runs

    • See your teacher to make-up missed activities (e.g., absences and non-suits) within the current grading period.

    o Only excused absences can be made up.

    o Notes from Coaches not in the PE department will not be accepted as an excuse for participation.

    **Non-participation may not be made up

    ****This is a class that revolves around active participation. If you are not in class, you cannot actively participate in a Physical Education classroom. If you are planning to have a year filled with absences, be prepared for that to affect your grade whether the absences are excused or not. You will receive an ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT GRADE each 6 weeks derived from attendance, punctuality, and preparation for class and active engagement in class. Students with poor attendance and or not suiting up for this class simply do not receive good grades in this category. A handful of absences should not harm your academic grade; on the other hand, a regular pattern of absences will damage your grade in this class. All other absences (sickness, family trips, etc) will not be excused in terms of the ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT grade. Finally, you are responsible for obtaining any work missed during your absence(s) by speaking with your assigned PE teacher.****


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