• Expectations

    It is expected for students to do their best to be successful here at Godinez High School.  In order to insure this goal the following information supplied is provided to help create the best learning atmosphere possible.  These rules are to be adhered to at all times.  It is not possible to create a list of all occurrences that may arise during the school year, but this will serve as a general guideline for student behavior in the classroom.

    Supplies and Materials:
    Algebra 2 CPM / College Algebra
    • Chromebook are required daily
    • Pencil and lined paper.
    • Scientific calculator


      Classroom Rules
    • You will be expected to help the instructor create a positive learning environment.
    • Absolutely no talking/socializing when instructor is talking.
    • Ask instructor for permission to speak at all times.
    • Treat others in the room and their property with respect and courtesy.
    • Comply with all campus wide rules and policies
    • Cell phones allowed to be out when permitted to use in activity.


    Offense Teacher Action/Consequence
    1st Verbal warning
    2nd Counsel student with 30 minute detention
    3rd 1 hr detention and parent contact / conference
    4th Administrative referral
Last Modified on August 13, 2018