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    Name: John Ninofranco

    Homeroom: Room 1-245

    Subject(s): Algebra 2 Honors,      
                          AP Calculus AB


    The life of Mr. Ninofranco began with a dream to become a doctor. My parents were hard on me, telling me to keep up my grades and worry about nothing else but school. Constantly pressured, I pushed to become a doctor to make a difference in the lives of many people. As soon as college hit, my life turned for the worse. I wasn't able to keep up my grades and even if I did, I knew that my grades were not good enough to make it into medical school. Then suddenly, my friend made me open my eyes.


    As I was helping him with his math homework, he mentioned that I was such a good tutor. He said that I shouldn't be going into medical school but to become a math teacher. Funny how things turn up! I thought and thought and then I realized that my calling is not with medical school; it is to become a teacher. A teacher also makes a difference in the lives of many people. And that's how my journey began. I told my parents what I wanted to do, and with their blessing, they said to me to pursue whatever my heart tells me to do.


    It takes courage to tell something that your parents wanted you to do...do what your heart says and pursue your dreams and goals in life!


    - into 19 years of teaching
    - into 13th year of teaching AP Calculus

    Graduated University of California, Irvine:

    - Major: Mathematics

    - Minor: Education


    Graduated Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology:

    - Major: Education

    - Credentials: Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with ELA Emphasis

    - Credentials: Single Subject Teaching Credential (Mathematics) with ELA Emphasis

    - Credentials: Master's in Administration and Preliminary Tier I Administrative Credential

    *Other notables: CAHSEE Prep Teacher for Santa Ana College 2009, SAGE, School Site Council representative 2009-2011, Bridge Summer School Algebra 1 Teacher 2011, Key Club Advisor 2009-2016, 2013-2014 District High School Teacher of the Year, 2014-2016 BTSA Provider, 2015-2023 Mathematics Department Chair, 2016-2022 PBIS Committee Member, 2021-2022 TIPS Provider, 2022-2023 TIPS Provider, MEDLIFE Club Advisor 2021-present, 2023-2024 TIPS Provider




Last Modified on August 31, 2023