• Some facts about me:
    Ms. Morris Crystal Cove AP Bio field trip I started teaching in 2008 and have enjoyed every year of it. Over the years I have taught Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and AP Physics 1 if it wasn't already clear I REALLY LOVE SCIENCE! In 2013 I was given the opportunity to teach AP Biology and I have worked really hard to make my class a safe place to learn and practice science. I have had the privledge of being a national AP Biology reader since 2016. This year I added AP Physics 2 to my teaching schedule and so far it's been AWESOME! Let the science roll.
    College: UCSB: Aquatic Biology and Physical Geography
    Pets: 1 dog named Aisling
    If I wasn't a teacher: I'd be a shark biologist
    If I had a million dollars: I would cage dive off of South Africa with great whites, shark dive with hammerheads in Hawaii, swim with Whale Sharks off of Baja, visit the world's most active volcanoes, buy a book store and a private beach and read every book I could while listening to the waves.
    My favorite animal: Great White Shark
Last Modified on August 15, 2020