• Mr. Boyd’s

    Peer Assistance and Leadership Classroom Information


    Welcome to your year of Peer Assistance and Leadership at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School.   I am pleased and excited to be your PAL Teacher. With the support and assistance of myself and your families, and a commitment from you, I know that we will have a successful year. This year will be challenging at times, but your hard work and commitment will be rewarded in several ways. First, you will earn a grade that you can be proud of, and secondly, you will acquire skills that will benefit you for the remainder of your academic and professional life.


    If you have questions or need to speak with me, I can be reached at (714) 568-7700 or via email at peter.boyd@sausd.us .



    1. Follow my directions.
    2. Keep hands, feet, objects, and unkind thoughts to yourself.
    3. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking or getting out of your seat, but be prepared to participate!
    4. Have all materials and supplies at your desk, prepared to work when the bell rings.
    5. Be good to yourself, your classmates, and your teachers by showing courtesy, dignity and respect.


    Assertive Discipline Plan:

    1. Verbal warning from teacher
    2. Teacher/student conference (15 minute class detention)
    3. Parent phone call at next occurrence
    4. Referral to office


    Grades and Grading:

    Grades are calculated according to points earned on assignments, including portfolios, packets, projects, quizzes, exams, oral presentations, homework, and other written assignments.


    Grading Scale

    A = 100-90%    B = 89-80%   C = 79-70%   D = 69%-60   F = 59-0%

    Late Assignments

    Late assignments will be graded down one full letter grade for each day they are late – NO EXCEPTIONS! You will be informed of all assignment due dates, and it is your responsibility to plan accordingly so they are turned in on time.



    You are responsible for making up all missed work if you are absent. If you know you are going to be absent, it is your responsibility to get the assignments ahead of time. If you don’t know ahead of time, it is your responsibility to call a classmate to find out what the assignments are. Class time is not to be used for finding out about missed work; you can do so before or after school, or during nutrition and lunch.


    If you are absent the day an assignment is due, that assignment is now due the day you return to school. It is your responsibility to remember to turn it in. For all work that is missed during an excused absence, you have the number of days you were absent in which to complete the required work. However, any assignments that were given before the absence are due upon your return to school.


    Citizenship Points

    Each six-week grade will be based upon the following point system:


    Points may be added for various positive behaviors such as:

    • Participation
    • Kindness to others
    • Cooperative work style

    Points may be subtracted for reasons such as, but not limited to:

    • Tardiness
    • Cheating or forging of work
    • Misbehaving for a substitute
    • Being unprepared for class
    • Office Referral
    • Talking out of turn
    • Disrespect of self or others