School Pride


    History of Our Name

    MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School is named after General Douglas MacArthur, former Chief of Staff of the United States Army. He lived his entire life in the U.S. Army–his father commanded an infantry company protecting settlers and railroad workers and as a teenager, Arthur served in the Union Army, eventually earning the Congressional Medal of Honor. His grandfather, Judge Arthur MacArthur, taught him that being a 'MacArthur' meant that you were a scholar and a gentleman.


    General MacArthur's patriotism is well-known and respected. As his namesake, we are proud to be the embodiment by showing our 'Spirit, Pride, and Achievement' each and every day as students and staff of MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School!

    This drawing of General Douglas MacArthur was drawn by Laile Afualo from MacArthur's first graduating class.


    In the beginning…

    Construction of MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School began mid-1982. dirt

    A poem from the first yearbook tells the story beautifully:

    We started out little, but we did strive to gain more.

    We knew of great challenges behind each classroom door.

    So as we began in a school so new, we believed truly that there was everything we could do.

    We had great spirit to lead us along the way.

    We were positive about what we could achieve each new and different day.

    We took great pride in our consistent efforts to reach high standards of success—and reach them we did, and always glad because we gave our best.

    construction guy


    Doors opened to students in September 1982 with the school still under construction.

    Carol Roberts was the principal that first year and is standing in front of the school's construction site in April 1982.



    The first year the school there were 6th, 7th, 8th, and one class of 9th grade students. The very next year, the 49 9th graders moved on to high school and MacArthur became a 6th through 8th grade only school.




    Upon the school's opening, the United States Army presented MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School with a portrait of General Douglas MacArthur. Check it out sometime when you are in the foyer of our front office!


    In 2011 MacArthur underwent Modernization.



    Our School Mascot

    MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School is proud to have the TIGER as its school mascot. Hear us ROAR!

    This is one of MacArthur's very first mascot cartoons from the 1982-1983 school year as drawn by Mary Arce. This very same tiger adorned the first yearbook as well.









    MacArthur Alumnae

    Many of MacArthur's graduates have gone on to attend colleges and universities throughout the nation including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Stanford, Berkeley, Cal State Universities, Vanguard University, Chapman University, UCI, USC, and UCLA. There are numerous doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, pharmacists, professors, business persons, teachers, administrators, executives, military officers, television producers, artists, and psychiatrists who were once MacArthur students. Some of our alumnae have become noteworthy while in middle and high school!

    Jason Faulkner (Class of 2016) was an ambassador to the 2016 Academy Awards Celebrity Gift Party. He has been in several tv pilots and was in a SuperBowl Doritos ad.

    Kimberly Wong (Class of 2012) has a poem included at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. 'Concentration Camp' as well as other poems written by this young poet can be found on her blog at (

    Gilbert "El Niño" Melendez attended MacArthur. He is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Champion and is currently ranked third in the world in the UFC Lightweight Division! Check out his bio on the UFC website. (




    Here is the cover from the first yearbook. The tiger mascot was drawn by Mary Arce.

     Beginning with the first MacArthur yearbook, the covers have always been designed by students. Students have always been in charge of assembling the yearbooks from start to finish. This is what has made MacArthur's yearbooks truly a special annual and memento.






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