• Mr. Appell


    Welcome!  I am located in Lab #2 and I teach 8th Grade Physical Science.

    All student's work will be posted in Google Classroom.

    Step #1 Find out what Class Period# you have Science.

    Step #2 Open and login to your SAUSD Google Account

     Google Accounts

    Step #3 Click on the Google "grid/waffle" icon on the upper right corner of the screen and select Google Classroom.

    Step #4 Select the + Plus sign to add a class and enroll in my Google Class with the correct Class Code below.

    Period #1          fin6nm5

    Period #2          tedcosw

    Period #3          a4ye36j

    Period #5          3esfffl

    Period #6          c22qwzd

    Now you are enrolled in my Google Classroom.

    Our Virtual Classroom will be held in Google Meet.

    Students are expected to log into Google Classroom each day for their assignments and to attend the Google Meet sessions.


    (Click on "+ Join or Start a Meeting" button and enter the following code.)

    For Seminar use:    appell0        <-- that is a zero not the letter "O" 

    For Period 1 use:    appell1

    For Period 2 use:    appell2

    For Period 3 use:    appell3

    For Period 5 use:    appell5

    For Period 6 use:    appell6

    For extra help use:    appell7     (my office hours are 1:05-2:25pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)

    or email me at:
    charles.appell@sausd.us    (parents/gaurdians)

    charles.appell@sausdlearns.net    (students)


    Here are some links that might be helpful for you:

    • Aeries  Student's current grades
    • Reading Counts  Students reading progress
    • Class Dojo  Students citizenship
    • Google Classroom  Student's daily work/assignments will be posted here
    • Canvas  Student's daily work/assignments will be posted here