Mrs. Valencia
    Room 1-246
    Proud Member of the Grizzly Family.
    Period 1: Prep Period
    Period 2: Geometry Honors
    Period 3: Geometry
    Period 4: Geometry Honors
    Period 5: Geometry
    Period 6: Geometry Hoonrs
    Questions? You are welcome to contact me via email at claudia.valencia@sausd.us or via phone at 714-433-6600 between the hours of 8:00 - 9:30am or 3:20-4pm.
    I am available for math tutoring Tuesday-Thursday from 3-4pm.   

    I want you to be successful!  Please do not hesitate to communicate with me about your needs.  Let’s work together and make this a great year! 

    Think Godinez