• Distant Learning Syllabus and Grading Policy

    COURSE:  Physical Education

    TEACHER:  Mr. Vaughan

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Provide a quality, daily, physical education experience for all students.

    ATTENDANCE POLICY:  Students are required to attend class daily, on time, via zoom link found in google classroom or AERIES.  Unexcused absences will result in a loss of daily participation points.  Tardy students and students who leave class early will lose participation points as well.

    MAKE-UP POLICY:  Missing work can be made up and turned in before the end of the grading period.  Students missing daily workouts will be required to record themselves working out for a 25-30 minute period to receive credit for daily participation.  All other assignments can be made up via Google Classroom.

    ATTIRE/PE UNIFORM:  PE uniforms are not required for distance learning, however, students are expected to dress in a way appropriate to exercise, including athletic type shoes.

    MEDICAL EXCUSES:  Students with a medical note excusing them from participating in physical activity are required to bring the note to Lathrop Intermediate School and give the doctor's not to the front office manager Ms. Mancilla.  A copy of the doctor's note can also be emailed to kim.mancilla@sausd.us   Students with a medical note excusing them from physical activity will be assigned an alternate assignment in place of participating in daily workouts.

    GRADES:  During distant learning, grades are based on three categories:  Participation, Classwork (Google Classroom assignments) and the Final Exam.  Participation is 50% of your grade.  Students earn 5 points a day for logging into the zoom meeting and participating in class activities.  Students who have their camera off during workouts, will lose 2 points.  To earn those 2 points back, the student will need to video record themselves (25-30 minutes) doing the daily workout, and upload it to google classroom.  Classwork (Google Classroom assignments) is 40% of your grade.  The Final Exam is 10% of the grade.