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    (Pictured: Left: 2016-2017 Yearbook Staff, Right: 2015-2016 Yearbook Staff) 

    Lathrop Yearbook

    Advisor: Ms. Wolff

    Room 4204

    SEND PHOTOS TO: amanda.wolff@sausdlearns.net

    CONTACT: amanda.wolff@sausd.us

    This is my fifth year as the Lathrop Yearbook Advisor and I am looking forward to another great year putting together a wonderful book of memories with a great staff!  This year, our Yearbook Staff will also be creating a bi-weekly school newsletter!  A list of basic staff ediquite is listed below.  The Yearbook Staff will be given  rules, tips, and guidelines, and all students, parents, school staff, and community members are welcome to email or see me with questions, comments, or concerns!

    Thank you,

    Ms. Wolff


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